The Pineapple Thief – Versions Of The Truth

Critically acclaimed British progressive alternative rockers The Pineapple Thief have reached a significant milestone with the release of the 13th full length “Versions Of The Truth” which showcases stellar musicianship and introspective themes. 

The title track begins with dreamy atmospheric nuances which continue to glow as the guitar melodies add soothing vibes yet the robust rhythmic section will eventually acquire heavier and slightly darker tonalities. 

“Break It All” revolves around a groovy riffage which naturally generates an overload of catchy dynamics while the luminous vocal delivery and the atmospheric synths can create a quite surreal sonic realm. 

“Demons” might have a rather laid back rhythm enhanced by the bittersweet feelings expressed by the vocal performance but guitars and synths can often craft some complex passages in the midst of exotic vibes and a bright atmosphere. 

Undoubtedly the strength of “Leave Me Be” comes from the vibrant rhythmic crescendos and the skillful guitar work that can add intriguing melodic accents embellished by shimmering atmospheric arrangements. 

Throughout “Our Mire” the whole instrumentation ensures a series of engaging rhythmic patterns while the vivid guitar melodies and the magical keyboards perfectly complement the emotional nature of the vocals. 

Everything feels like a daydream on “The Game” as the band emphasizes the expression of genuine emotions and inevitably a profound melancholia will dominate the warm melodies and the contemplative atmospheric layers. 

With “Versions Of The Truth” The Pineapple Thief will definitely impress the listeners and satisfy the faithful fans with an intricate songwriting that aims to explore a wide spectrum of emotions keeping alive the spirit of prog rock. 

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