Zakk Sabbath – Vertigo

Making a Black Sabbath tribute album might not be considered an easy task but with the project Zakk Sabbath on the new release “Vertigo” legendary guitarist & vocalist Zakk Wylde aims to deliver a great sonic experience for all metal fans. 

The iconic track “Black Sabbath” effortlessly maintains the dark nuances of the original version and Zakk’s vocals successfully channel the ominous feelings that make this song simply addictive while the inflamed guitar solo brings an energetic blast. 

The spellbinding medley “Wasp / Behind the Wall of Sleep / N.I.B” feels particularly groovy as the majestic guitar licks, especially captivating during the solo of “N.I.B”, and the fiery rhythmic section successfully keep alive the classic doom essence. 

There’s another lengthy medley that will grab your attention immediately, “A Bit of Finger / Sleeping Village / Warning” which once again shows that Zakk Sabbath have the ability to evoke the spirit of the original tracks as the whole instrumentation acquires the perfect darkened tonalities and the extensive thrilling guitar solos certainly cannot go unnoticed. 

Those who had the chance to see Zakk Sabbath live on stage know what to expect and “Vertigo” feels like the perfect way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Black Sabbath with devotion and enthusiasm. 

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