Tomorrow’s Rain – Hollow

Israeli doom metal band Tomorrow’s Rain is ready to grab your attention with the majestic debut album “Hollow” which features several amazing guest artists. 

Under a cold shroud of melancholy melodic guitars move sinuously throughout “Trees” evoking an overload of crestfallen feelings and an alluring gothic flair enhanced by the rich atmospheric layers and the somber nuances of the charismatic guitar solo featuring Shlomi Bracha of Mashina. 

A familiar doom essence characterizes the mournful guitar work of “Fear” which in fact stands out for the gorgeous darkened melodic passages mixed with heavier lugubrious rhythmic patterns ultimately enriched by the distinct vocal performance courtesy of Aaron Stainthorpe of legendary My Dying Bride.  

Featuring exceptional guest vocalists Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell and Mikko Kotamaki of Swallow The Sun, “Misery Rain” dwells within a darker sonic realm where the aggressive guitar riffs inevitably lead to a heavier momentum yet a contemplative melodic soul will ultimately generate a fascinating atmospheric grandeur.  

On “Into The Mouth Of Madness” Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy crafts some brilliant guitar solos that spice up the sorrowful melodic themes and the doom progressions while Kobi Farhi of Orphaned Land delivers a poignant vocal performance that matches the perennial sense of melancholia. 

The title track features the ravenous vocals of Spiros Antoniou of Septicflesh so there are some heavy rhythmic segments but guitars tend to focus on evocative gothic tinged melodies emphasized by refined atmospheric arrangements and lavish symphonic accents. 

Undoubtedly Tomorrow’s Rain already have in mind a clear musical vision which pays homage to the glorious days of doom & gothic metal and “Hollow” is certainly an intriguing debut release that naturally evokes harrowing feelings. 

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