Ihsahn – Pharos

Back in February legendary artist Ihsahn released the EP “Telemark” showcasing a dark & blackened sound in contrast with the new EP “Pharos” which represents a reverse image that allows him to manifest a different side of his remarkable music vision. 

On “Losing Altitude” a mysterious aura surrounds the gentle guitar harmonies and the soulful vocals before entering a prog oriented sonic realm where a mix of epic arrangements and spacey atmospheric waves surround catchy passages enriched by detailed rhythmic dynamics. 

On “Spectre At The Feast” the intricate combo of keyboards and guitars can effortlessly create luminous soundscapes leading to a memorable chorus and ultimately the dazzling melodic licks of the charismatic guitar solo are destined to steal the spotlight. 

The title track is a majestic work of music that immediately stands out for the spellbinding melodic essence of the piano and the sophisticated prog dynamics while the sublime orchestrations and the solemn operatic choirs add irresistible epic darkened vibes. 

The cover of the iconic “Roads” by Portishead acquires a lovely hazy atmosphere that makes you space out instantly and the poignant vocal performance constantly emphasizes the immense melancholia of the melodic guitars. 

At this point of his exceptional career Ihsahn continues to prove to be a pioneer as the genesis of “Pharos” comes from a perennial desire to explore diverse styles to create eclectic soundscapes that can easily surprise the audience. 

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