Empyrium – Über Den Sternen

Featuring talented artists Markus Stock and Thomas Helm, German folk/doom metal band Empyrium returns with the highly anticipated full length “Über Den Sternen” inspired by the romanticism and the ancient myths of their homeland. 

Exquisite arpeggios and cello harmonies introduce the melancholic world of “The Three Flames Sapphire” where the graceful acoustic phrases and the charismatic vocal delivery convey a folk grandeur that will eventually embrace heavier & darker rhythmic crescendos. 

The solemn atmosphere of “A Lucid Tower Beckons On The Hills Afar” acquires arcane nuances emphasized by the presence of darker guitar riffs and growls while the operatic vocals enrich the grave tonalities of the sophisticated melodic passages that will evolve into a dreamy folk realm as the soothing acoustic ensemble takes the center stage. 

“The Oaken Throne” provides another overdose of pure melancholia focusing on contemplative folk vibes as the delicate arpeggios accompanied by the sublime cello melodies seem to emerge from an enchanted forest and naturally reach the acme with a poignant rhythmic crescendo. 

“The Wild Swans” perfectly manifests the balance between the otherworldly melodic ensemble and the dark depths of doom metal as the vocals shift from majestic operatic style to tormented growls while the harrowing rhythmic patterns become entwined with the refined acoustic moments.  

The detailed composition behind the title track generates a majestic opus as the primal doom force inevitably thrives within the crestfallen guitar work and the monumental rhythmic section yet the mystical essence often prevails through the cathartic acoustic melodies and the dreamlike atmospheric arrangements. 

The poetic flair of “Über Den Sternen” is evident from beginning to end as Empyrium continue to develop a mesmerizing sonic vision and masterfully create magical folk soundscapes without sacrificing the intense darkness of their doom metal roots. 


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