Moonspell – Hermitage

As dark metal titans Moonspell approach their 30th anniversary the brand new opus “Hermitage” symbolizes a crucial moment in time and a cathartic voyage created with rare emotions and of course impeccable musicianship. 

The detailed atmospheric tapestries of “The Greater Good” certainly belong to a gloomy world where Fernando Ribeiro’s poetic clean delivery emphasizes the sombre beauty of the melodic guitar work while the rhythmic section will eventually embrace a significantly heavier momentum. 

You can immediately perceive the darkened grandeur of the title track as the solemn vocal performance and the sharp riffage highlight the soaring rhythmic patterns surrounded by alluring atmospheric arrangements and enriched by the dazzling melodic nature of the guitar solo. 

On “Entitlement” the rhythm often slows down to focus on the cinematic approach and the experimental twists of the intricate keyboards while guitars can acquire dreamy tonalities to create spellbinding melodies.  

“The Hermit Saints” feels like an epic journey fueled by Ferrnando’s theatrical vocals and the band’s darkest roots that inevitably lead to inflamed guitar progressions and fierce rhythmic blasts marching through the opulent atmospheric waves. 

“Apophthegmata” can sound quite soothing due to the delicate keyboards and the mellow vocals but the inner darkness is bound to emerge through the gothic flair of the refined atmospheric textures and the harsh guitar riffs. 

The dystopian poetry feels strong throughout “Without Rule” which perfectly blends the vibrant atmospheric layers, the futuristic electronic accents and the deeply darkened guitar tonalities that will ultimately generate brooding crescendos but also monumental  guitar driven grooves. 

It becomes evident that the intricate composition behind “Hermitage” is the product of an intense sonic evolution that defies standard categorization and rightfully aims to reach the soul of the listeners as Moonspell genuinely share their feelings through words and music.

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