Norway based band NOÊTA crafts haunting soundscapes expressing a genuine emotional whirlwind throughout the enticing sophomore full length “Elm”.
“Dawn Falls” opens the album with a series of exquisite acoustic melodies that effortlessly open the portal to a dreamy world where the enchanting vocals become your spiritual guide and convey poignant feelings.
On “As I Fall Silent” the comforting arpeggios accompanied by fragile vocals continue to focus on strong emotions while a darkly enigmatic atmospheric ensemble seems to emerge from a distant dimension.
Since the beginning “Above And Below” is surrounded by a subtle dark aura emphasized by the barren hazy harmonies yet the ethereal vocals can evoke a pale sense of hopefulness and spiritual peacefulness.
“As We Are Gone” belongs to a magical forest as the folk nuances will influence the graceful acoustic tonalities enhanced by the impeccable vocal performance and the immersive atmospheric textures.
On the evocative title track the whispered vocals and the elegant acoustic phrases certainly do not need any bombastic effect to create spellbinding melodic passages and stylish dark ambient tapestries.
Following a minimalistic songwriting approach on “Elm” NOÊTA successfully creates a surreal sonic realm where luminous vocals, poetic melodies and darkened feelings become naturally entwined.

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