Abraham – Debris de Mondes Perdus

Swiss apocalyptic metal band Abraham follows a tormented sonic pathway channeling raw energy and sheer despair through the enigmatic new album “Débris de Mondes Perdus”.
“Verminvisible” opens the album with painful screams cutting through a dense heavily distorted instrumental ensemble and the gritty guitars can easily lead to frantic & faster rhythmic blasts conveying dismal feelings.
“Blood Moon, New Alliance” immediately unleashes a hostile rhythmic rampage highlighting the rough guitar sound and the oppressive drumming yet you can perceive a pale melodic essence within the darkened atmosphere.
Darkness aptly descends on “Ravenous Is the Night” as the tempo often slows down drastically to emphasize the gloomy melodic guitar phrases destined to shine through the dissonant rhythmic maze.
There is an apparent calm on “A Celestial Funeral” as the grave melodic textures and the hazy post-metal formula can feel quite dominant but at times the caustic rhythmic section generates chaotic moments.
“Black Breath” embodies post-apocalyptic themes and collaborator Emilie Zoé amplifies the inner melancholia with ethereal vocals flowing through a hazy atmospheric dimension enriched by the moody guitar harmonies and the pulsating rhythm.
Far from music for the masses “Débris de Mondes Perdus” belongs to a dystopian world as Abraham confidently provide violent dynamics and unsettling vibes keeping in mind an emotive post-metal flair.

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