Somali Yacht Club – The Space

Ukrainian post-rock/metal band Somali Yacht Club expands their thoughtful sonic vision through the melancholia infused soundscapes of the third full-length “The Space”.
The darkened tonalities of “Silver” lead to a hazy rhythmic ensemble that often embraces dramatically heavier dynamics embellished by a comforting vocal delivery and recurring peaceful guitar melodies.
Within the blurry atmospheric realm of “Pulsar” guitars naturally shift from intense fuzzy rhythmic crescendos to graceful luminous progressions enhancing the presence of emotive themes and a pensive melodic flow.
The softer passages of “Echo of Direction” highlight the darkly immersive harmonies and the dense atmospheric textures while the glowing guitar tones will occasionally evolve into a fierce groovy momentum fueled by the gritty riffage.
The lengthy final opus “Momentum” showcases a multifaceted rhythmic approach that spontaneously generates monolithic heavy patterns adding darker doom elements yet the eclectic guitars can fully unfold a dreamy melodic grandeur through warm evocative phrases enhancing a compelling emotional depth.
Throughout “The Space” Somali Yacht Club never fail to convey a deeply contemplative mood emphasizing a cinematic composition influenced by contrasting post-metal nuances.

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