Septicflesh – Modern Primitive

Greek extreme metal titans Septicflesh have carefully shaped a unique sonic vision that today thrives within the magnificent blend of striking symphonic tapestries and immense fury of the brand new full-length “Modern Primitive” featuring a continuous collaboration with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague.
The inflamed album opener “The Collector” shines for the warm Mediterranean nuances of arpeggios and strings but the ruthless combo of unrestrained guitar riffs and malevolent growls is often bound to prevail within a pitchblack dimension.
On “Hierophant” the breathtaking solemn orchestrations and the cinematic atmospheric moments naturally enrich the crushing rhythmic onslaught which relies on the colossal guitar work and the precise drumming.
“Neuromancer” meticulously crafts spellbinding acoustic harmonies before engaging in an aggressive approach constantly fueled by the memorable fiery guitar riffs yet there will be more peaceful moments emphasizing a stunning melodic flow accompanied by passionate clean vocals.
“Coming Storm” reveals an obscure flair through the feverish orchestrations and the soaring riffage following a brutally fast tempo until an impeccable cinematic breakdown conveys major epic vibes featuring majestic choirs.
“Modern Primitives” demands your attention unleashing an overdose of monumental grooves and complex guitar progressions skillfully adorned by the elevated symphonic arrangements and the luminous atmospheric accents.
“A Dreadful Muse” focuses on impressive harsh dynamics as the scorching guitar riffs and the insane drum blasts feel very dominant marching through a dramatic atmospheric ensemble while the guitar leads showcase a poignant melodic essence.
As Septicflesh manifest a thrilling creative force and a remarkable musical prowess through an intricate composition, “Modern Primitive” dwells within a sonic realm of contrasting feelings where the undiluted darkness of death metal and the gripping symphonic elegance magically become entwined.

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