Decapitated – Cancer Culture

Polish technical death metal veterans Decapitated aspire to expand their music vision combining devastating rhythmic dynamics and contemplative themes on the new long-awaited album “Cancer Culture”.
The title track clearly manifests pure ferocity through the relentless riffage and the breakneck speed yet the lead guitar work has a chance to craft refined harmonious progressions expressing grim emotions.
Featuring a striking clean vocal performance by Tatiana Shmayluk of Jinjer, “Hello Death” seamlessly blends absolute brutality and eloquent melodic aesthetics as guitars confidently shift from frantic technical riffs to sophisticated gloomy tonalities.
“Iconoclast” hits you in the face with massive grooves constantly fueled by the sharp riffage yet the darkly alluring melodic flair is destined to steal the spotlight as the immersive guitar phrases unfold around the fervent clean vocals courtesy of Robb Flynn of Machine Head.
“Suicidal Space Programme” begins with appealing melodic passages that gradually morph into a savage rhythmic assault executed in impeccable tech death metal fashion easily amplified by the hostile growls.
Showcasing a multifaceted composition “Hours As Battlegrounds” stands out for the harrowing atmospheric textures and the darkened tones of the evocative guitar melodies which skillfully enrich the abrasive rhythmic patterns.
Reflecting on human capabilities and lack of illusion throughout “Cancer Culture” Decapitated follow an intriguing sonic evolution delivering the expected dosage of harsh technical prowess adorned by a surprising and fascinating melodic essence.

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