Wo Fat – The Singularity

Dallas-based psychedelic doom veterans Wo Fat invite you to join a mind bending sonic journey through the monumental spacey grooves of the new album “The Singularity”.
The mystical atmosphere of “Orphans of the Singe” introduces a magnetic rhythmic ensemble constantly fueled by the majestic fuzzy riffage and the rich psychedelic textures ultimately leading to remarkable guitar acrobatics.
“Overworlder” flows like a wild endless jam session putting the spotlight on the band’s chemistry and the eclectic guitar work that ensures an impactful groovy approach with robust riffs and intense progressions enriched by the cosmic energy of psych rock.
“The Witching Chamber” captivates the listeners with a darkly enigmatic atmosphere and loads of fuzzed out riffs ultimately leading to catchy & heavy rhythmic patterns and a series of glorious guitar solos showcasing an irresistible vintage flair and great diversity.
The lengthy instrumental opus “The Oracle” spontaneously creates a striking psychedelic maze and takes you to another dimension as the intricate guitar work takes the center stage engaging in mesmerizing melodic progressions during the slower surreal passages and shapeshifting extra fuzzy rhythmic dynamics well supported by the precise drumming.
“The Singularity” delivers the ideal dosage of colossal heavy riffs and hypnotizing psychedelic momentum bound to instantly grab your attention as Wo Fat confidently embrace multiple musical influences to embark on a memorable psychotropic exploration.

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