Therion – Leviathan II

During their successful 35 years career Therion have developed a perfect blend of symphonic grandeur and mystifying gothic metal and now they reach another significant milestone with the release of “Leviathan II”.
“Litany Of The Fallen” has an evident epic flair as the solemn operatic choirs perfectly complement the sharp guitar riffs and the cinematic atmospheric arrangements.
“Alchemy Of The Soul” mainly focuses on deeply melancholic guitar melodies and the soulful violin enriched by the delicate vocals yet the rhythmic section can acquire heavier tones through the bold riffage.
“Lunar Coloured Fields” has a classical operetta flair with a dramatic vocal delivery and understated orchestral layers but at times the atmospheric ensemble can manifest a significantly darker essence.
The mood changes on “Lucifuge Rofocale” as the energetic guitar riffs become more dominant following a classic heavy metal inspiration amplified by the powerful male vocals while the choirs maintain a flawless symphonic approach.
“Hades And Elysium” embraces a mellow yet intricate composition as the refined orchestrations and the soothing melodic phrases unfold gently around the poignant vocal duets.
A mystical aura surrounds “Codex Gigas” which naturally shifts from enigmatic atmospheric layers to a harsh darkened rhythmic momentum easily emphasized by Thomas Vikström’s intense vocals.
With “Leviathan II” Therion choose to please their loyal acolytes staying true to their signature symphonic metal formula so you can expect opulent orchestrations, impeccable vocal performances and plenty of catchy heavy metal elements.

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