Hiss From The Moat – The Way Out Of Hell

Italian extreme metal band Hiss From The Moat contemplates on life struggles through the menacing guitar driven grooves of the latest offering “The Way Out Of Hell”.
Without any hesitation the title track unleashes pure brutality through the abrasive riffage and the breakneck speed amplified by the gruesome growls yet the guitar solo adds diversity with gloomy melodic accents.
You cannot escape the total darkness of “Staring At The Abyss” as the precise drumming and the tormented guitar riffs effortlessly lead to a solid series of technical rhythmic dynamics.
“The Killing Of Innocence” still sounds absolutely harsh with perennial insane drum blasts while guitars engage in some interesting acrobatics to produce a wild shredding solo.
“A Gallows Of Mirrors” doesn’t even give you time to breathe as the galloping ruthless guitar riffs and the consequent mighty grooves just seem unstoppable.
Within the misanthropic sonic realm of “The Magnificent Vision” the malevolent rhythmic section skillfully maintains speed and aggression until the sophisticated guitar solo showcases a polished sound.
Hiss From The Moat stay true to a vicious high speed blackened/death metal formula generating the expected overdose of crushing grooves throughout “The Way Out Of Hell”.

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