Candlemass – Sweet Evil Sun

Grammy-nominated Swedish doom metal legends Candlemass triumphantly embrace the classic style of their early years throughout the smoky soundscapes of the highly anticipated new studio offering “Sweet Evil Sun”.
“Wizard Of The Vortex” opens the album in perfect epic doom fashion centered around the heavy weight of the guitar riffs enhanced by Johan Langquist’s imposing voice and ultimately reaches the acme with the somber melodic accents of the flamboyant solos.
The energetic title track relies on the impeccable rhythmic section to provide the ideal dosage of irresistible guitar driven grooves and the rising organs naturally add enigmatic tonalities.
Featuring a stunning vocal duet with Jennie-Ann Smith of Avatarium “When Death Sighs” consistently provides monolithic doom dynamics while the gloomy melodic essence of the chorus will instantly grab your attention.
The intricate track “Devil Voodoo” begins with cold melancholic arpeggios unfolding around a dramatic vocal delivery and inevitably leading to galloping guitar riffs and a majestic doom laden rhythmic ensemble.
On “Crucified” the theatrical grim vocals can definitely amplify a profound melancholia yet the mournful guitar melodies swiftly evolve into a colossal rhythmic rampage following the heavier drum blasts.
“Sweet Evil Sun” is bound to please the band’s faithful fanbase as Candlemass proudly return to their roots and after almost 40 years still have the passion and the ability to create a monumental collection of doom anthems.

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