Elder – Innate Passage

Prog-psych rock veterans Elder once again aim to push boundaries embarking on an introspective sonic journey on the sixth full-length “Innate Passage”.
“Catastasis” depicts a surreal sonic realm through the recurring delightful harmonies and the understated atmospheric textures in contrast with the heavy weight of the wilder rhythmic rampage effortlessly enriched by the intricate guitar soloing.
The convoluted track “Merged In Dreams – Ne Plus Ultra” features a peaceful rhythm with chunky bass lines and wistful melodies flowing gently through borderline futuristic synths layers yet guitars can build a heavier momentum with galloping riffage and flamboyant leads towards a majestic finale.
“The Purpose” holds a contemplative mood as the melancholic guitar phrases and the dreamy synths arrangements become naturally entwined and even if the resulting enthralling melodic motif remains the main focus the eclectic rhythmic section will add some darker dynamics.
After more than 15 years Elder have developed a distinctive songwriting style further emphasized by the brilliant musicianship that render “Innate Passage” a delightful sonic experience.

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