Haavard – Haavard

Under the banner of Haavard Norwegian guitarist and vocalist Håvard Jørgensen draws inspiration from his native land’s folklore to craft the enchanting eponymous acoustic album.
“Printemps” certainly embodies the whole album’s poetic spirit as the rich acoustic guitars create an irresistible melodic flow and magical folk rhythmic dynamics.
“Heartwood” offers minimalist heart wrenching acoustic harmonies while the viola and the atmospheric arrangements bring darker ancestral tonalities.
“Snøhetta” captures the haunting essence of dark folk through the mournful guitar sound floating through a mystifying atmospheric ensemble.
Following a faster tempo “Eastwood” takes you to a pristine wintry landscape and the violin adds a graceful classical flair to the eerie atmosphere.
“Niende Mars” relies on an elegant blend of soothing strings and flawless contemplative arpeggios that gradually create a dramatic atmospheric crescendo.
Featuring a passionate vocal performance by Kristoffer “Garm” Rygg of legendary Ulver “Mot Soleglad” instantly captivates the listeners with the melodic gloom and the cold tones of the intricate guitar work.
On “Athena” the spellbinding violin and cello movements perfectly complement and amplify the crestfallen acoustic phrases.
As an ideal winter soundtrack “Haavard” constantly conveys a profound Nordic melancholia through the detailed atmospheric tapestries and the soulful acoustic passages which definitely showcase an elaborate songwriting style.

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