Kampfar – Til Klovers Takt

Norwegian black metal stalwarts Kampfar spread perennial darkness through the menacing soundscapes and the mythological flair of the brand new release “Til Klovers Takt”.
Within the lugubrious sonic realm of “Lausdans Under Stjernene” the lavish & cryptic atmospheric arrangements enhance a dramatic depth around the harsh blackened rhythmic core fueled by the ravenous combo of dismal riffage and monolithic drum blasts.
“Flammen Fra Nord” can sound absolutely chaotic as the black metal elements become dominant dictating vicious guitar riffs and breakneck speed while the slower passages put the spotlight on the mournful tonalities and the tormented vocal delivery.
“Rekviem” unleashes immense wrath through the relentless tremolo picking and the consequent series of aggressive blackened rhythmic patterns in contrast with the classical style of the sumptuous keyboards.
Throughout “Dødens aperitiff” guitars seem to arise from the darkest abyss generating a decadent rhythmic march in the midst of a solemn atmospheric ensemble but also manage to craft a captivating melodic gloom.
Ancient stories and eerie atmospheric tapestries are at the center of “Til Klovers Takt” but Kampfar staying true to their sinister roots certainly never fail to deliver a monumental furious black metal assault.

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