Obituary – Dying Of Everything

Death metal legends Obituary redefined the genre throughout the 1990s and now they are still eager to write music with passion continuing to solidify their legacy with the highly anticipated new album “Dying Of Everything”.
“Barely Alive” marks a brutal beginning with a savage combo of punishing drum blasts and unrestrained riffage unfolding around John Tardy’s signature ruthless growls.
In the beginning “The Wrong Time” manifests a somber mood but the infectious guitar riffs become simply unstoppable well supported by the monstrous rhythmic section and enriched by a flamboyant solo.
Without the need for extra speed “War” unleashes massive stomping rhythmic patterns though the bold bass lines and the fierce guitar work while John’s vocals sound absolutely vicious.
The title track bears the mark of old school death metal as the relentless drumming and the mighty riffs become more frantic calling for an immediate moshpit yet ultimately lead to a slower sinister breakdown.
While following a mid-tempo the rhythmic core of “My Will To Live” can still convey pure anger consistently building entertaining grooves enhanced by the tasteful guitar leads.
“Be Warned” closes the album with a palpable sense of impending doom as guitars acquire an ominous sound within a dramatically slower & darker rhythmic ensemble.
Undoubtedly the strength of “Dying Of Everything” comes from the memorable rhythmic dynamics and the vitriolic guitar riffs as Obituary proudly stay true to their classic style but successfully manage to add variety.

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