Mos Generator – Time//Wounds

Heavy rockers Mos Generator reach another milestone with the release of the 10th full length “Time//Wounds” reflecting on the passing of time, dreams and regrets through a multifaceted songwriting approach.
The energetic opening track “Aja-Minor” relies on the shapeshifting rhythmic section that can always surprise you with retro rock dynamics and flamboyant prog elements enhanced by the charismatic lead guitar work.
“(Don’t) Wait Until Tomorrow” often sounds more mellow as the warm acoustic phrases perfectly complement Tony Reed’s laid back vocal delivery but you can also expect mighty grooves fueled by the raw guitar riffs.
“Only Yesterday” once again highlights the mature musicianship as guitars carefully blend gritty riffage and softer harmonies to build diverse rhythmic patterns enriched by moody synths layers.
The longest track “Until We Meet Again (Parts I-IV)” closes the album focusing on a nostalgia infused melodic ensemble yet there are many rhythmic & style variations as guitars manifest a strong 70’s progressive rock spirit as well as a vintage rock flair leading to a magnetic extensive solo.
Listening to “Time//Wounds” you can certainly appreciate the classic heavy rock vibes and the great band’s chemistry yet Mos Generator combine multiple influences to ultimately achieve an eclectic sonic vision.

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