Ville Valo – Neon Noir

The extensive discography of HIM undoubtedly has left an indelible mark and we all remember the devoted fans in tears during their farewell tour back in 2017 but now Finnish Love Metal pioneer Ville Valo embarks on an exciting & heart wrenching music voyage with the debut solo album “Neon Noir”.
“Run Away From The Sun” soothes your soul with beautiful shimmering melodic waves enriched by a catchy mix of subtle atmospheric tapestries and upbeat rhythmic dynamics that constantly revolve around Ville’s vibrant vocals.
The glowing melodic flow of the title track conveys a bittersweet romance definitely enhanced by Ville’s sophisticated vocal harmonies while the darker vibes of the guitar work lead to an addictive chorus.
“Loveletting” belongs to a dreamland as the graceful acoustic phrases are accompanied by hazy synths arrangements skillfully combining pop & rock elements that perfectly complement the dramatic vocal delivery.
“In Trenodia” is all about heartache but it makes you feel good as Ville’s comforting baritone tone flows gently through lavish multilayered atmospheric textures and delightful melodies.
“Heartful Of Ghosts” warms your heart with poetic melodies and modern synths layers that constantly put the spotlight on Ville’s moody vocals while guitars add hypnotizing darkened motifs.
“Saturnine Saturnalia” is absolutely unforgettable and enthralling as guitars finally embrace a beloved doom essence reminiscent of the glorious “Venus Doom” era and Ville delivers a stunning vocal performance reaching the acme with a seductive chorus.
“Vertigo Eyes” focuses on Ville’s deeply melancholic vocals surrounded by a mellow and often brighter melodic ensemble emphasized by the intricate synths yet guitars create captivating rhythmic twists acquiring a more fuzzy raw sound.
Throughout “Neon Noir” Ville dares to explore diverse musical territories proving a striking creative force but at the same time continues to write mesmerizing Love Metal songs evoking heartbreak and gloom.

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