Katatonia – Sky Void Of Stars

Swedish masters of melancholic metal Katatonia are constantly embracing an artistic evolution that today generates the vivid soundscapes and the gloomy beauty of the highly anticipated new record “Sky Void Of Stars”
Throughout “Austerity” guitars can acquire heavier tones to create interesting proggy rhythmic patterns marching fiercely through a hazy atmospheric ensemble enhanced by sorrowful phrases and ultimately leading to a vibrant chorus.
“Opaline” puts the spotlight on the surreal yet comforting keyboard arrangements and the crispy guitar leads while the uplifting chorus emphasized by Jonas Renkse’s soulful voice instantly grabs your attention.
“Drab Moon” always evokes sheer melancholia through the sophisticated guitar melodies and the haunting vocal delivery embellished by moody atmospheric waves yet the impeccable rhythmic section can still build a crunchy momentum.
On “Impermanence” the exquisite melodic guitars seem to emerge from a distant dreamland conveying immense nostalgia and perfectly complement the bittersweet vocals courtesy of guest singer Joel Ekelöf of Soen before engaging in a charismatic solo.
“Atrium” marks another memorable moment as guitars effortlessly shift from eloquent melodic passages to super catchy rhythmic crescendos that can even reveal positive energy within the contemplative atmosphere.
“No Beacon To Illuminate Our Fall” perfectly represents the musical universe of the whole album as the composition emphasizes the emotive themes through wistful harmonies and somber atmospheric layers but also focuses on the prog inspiration of the convoluted rhythmic patterns and the consequent heavier guitar work.
The sonic realm of “Sky Void Of Stars” lies in between darkness & light where Katatonia can freely express emotional depth and craft refined melodic motifs without forgetting their strong doom metal roots.

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