Imperium Dekadenz – Into Sorrow Evermore

German black metal duo Imperium Dekadenz emerges from the Black Forest to spread infinite darkness through the frostbitten soundscapes of the new album “Into Sorrow Evermore”.
Within the pitchblack realm of the title track the classic tremolo-picked guitar work becomes the main focus well supported by the relentless drumming but mournful melodic phrases will flow naturally through such oppressive rhythmic patterns.
“Truth under Stars” immediately unleashes ferocious blast beats and the desperate growls enhance a blackened aura yet the slower guitar leads and the murky atmospheric accents convey harrowing emotions.
“Aurora” relies on the classical beauty of the piano to evoke an overwhelming melancholia and the resulting melodic motifs are further amplified by the gelid tonalities of the haunting guitar work.
The steady drums march and the harsh riffage of “Awakened beyond Dreams” bring back a traditional black metal inspiration but as the tempo drastically slows down the elegant arpeggios enhance a dramatic depth.
On “Memories… a Raging River” the fast ruthless riffs can easily build ferocious dynamics but during the woeful grand finale a gripping melodic essence comes to life through graceful guitars and immersive atmospheric arrangements.
Just like the title clearly suggests sorrow is the center theme of “Into Sorrow Evermore” as Imperium Dekadenz can effortlessly craft a majestic melodic gloom but still manifest strong black metal roots.

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