Enslaved – Heimdal

It all started with the infamous Norway’s black metal scene three decades ago and since then Enslaved fearlessly have been exploring diverse sounds and concepts to reach another crucial milestone releasing the thrilling 16th studio album “Heimdal”.
The esoteric journey begins with the ceremonial horn of “Behind The Mirror” which grabs your attention with a complex composition putting the spotlight on the sharp guitar riffs and the consequent majestic rhythmic rampage carefully embellished by soothing clean vocals and surreal atmospheric nuances.
“Forest Dweller” shifts the focus to a compelling melodic grandeur featuring ethereal acoustic passages accompanied by the poignant vocal delivery nevertheless a sinister blackened force is bound to take over through the colossal drumming and the ravenous growls.
Throughout “The Eternal Sea” the fascinating clean vocal harmonies and the crispy guitar tonalities create an epic melodic flow while the galloping riffs lead to a dramatically heavier momentum ultimately channeling the band’s obscure black metal roots.
The title track opens a portal to an ancestral realm as the intricate synths arrangements meticulously craft a perennial mystifying aura around the elaborate rhythmic patterns fueled by the proggy guitar leads and groovy riffs.
Within the kaleidoscopic world of “Heimdal” Enslaved once again demonstrate an eclectic songwriting approach revolving around the most mysterious entity in Nordic mythology and skillfully combining rich prog dynamics and inflamed black metal elements.

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