In Flames – Foregone

Swedish icons In Flames are ready to begin a new successful musical journey with the highly anticipated album “Foregone” which clearly represents the future of the band exploring wider modern metal territories without necessarily forgetting their glorious melodeath roots.
Listening to “State Of Slow Decay” you can perceive the massive heaviness of the earlier days as the monolithic rhythmic section goes on a savage rampage to create harsh dynamics enhanced by the insanely aggressive growls.
“Foregone Pt. 2” features recurring sorrowful arpeggios emphasizing the passionate clean vocals nevertheless guitars have the chance to acquire heavier tones generating powerful rhythmic blasts.
The mellow passages of “Pure Light Of Mind” highlight a sophisticated melodic composition as the crispy guitar phrases smoothly unravel around Anders Fridén’s impeccable vocal performance.
As the title suggests there is a darkened essence lingering through “In The Dark” relying on the strength of the fierce guitar riffs yet all the mighty grooves ultimately lead to a rather catchy chorus.
With a loud & groovy rhythmic core “A Dialogue in b Flat Minor” is meant to be played live and please a big crowd as guitars fully embrace a luminous modern sound especially evident in the radio friendly chorus.
“End The Transmission” closes the album returning to angered themes that demand vicious growls and unrestrained guitar riffs to build a generous dose of hostile rhythmic patterns reminiscent of an old school formula.
With the release of “Foregone” In Flames definitely appear in excellent shape working hard to perfect their distinct songwriting style combining memorable guitar driven grooves and elegant melodic motifs.

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