Shores Of Null – The Loss Of Beauty

Italian blackened doom metallers Shores Of Null confidently continue to follow a darkened musical pathway bound to express immense melancholy and rage throughout the new full length “The Loss Of Beauty”.
“Destination Woe” instantly delivers a generous dosage of heavy doom oriented dynamics fueled by the relentless riffage and the cavernous growls while the lead guitar work has a chance to craft some crestfallen harmonies.
“The Last Flower” shines for the melancholia infused guitar phrases flourishing through a darkly alluring rhythmic ensemble emphasized by the fervent clean vocal performance yet you can expect faster borderline furious rhythmic blasts.
The dramatic track “Darkness Won’t Take Me” might sound less aggressive spreading a sense of perennial gloom through the beautiful sweeping guitar melodies and the heartfelt vocals.
“Nothing Left To Burn” often favors a slower tempo as guitars deliberately tend to focus on forlorn melodic motifs until the monolithic rhythmic section channels the ominous force of doom metal.
“A Nature In Disguise” begins with a significantly darker atmosphere yet the passionate clean vocals maintain an eloquent melodic flow around the unrestrained rhythmic structure that will ultimately acquire even more sinister tones.
“Fading As One” definitely symbolizes the band’s sonic identity skillfully blending woeful guitar melodies and inflamed rhythmic patterns featuring bold drumming and fierce riffs.
Shores Of Null aptly choose a decadently romantic title as “The Loss Of Beauty” captivates the listeners with emotive melodic themes that inevitably become entwined with the harsh elements of classic doom/gothic metal.

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