Dozer – Drifting In The Endless Void

After over a decade hiatus Swedish stoner rock veterans Dozer triumphantly return with the sixth record “Drifting In The Endless Void” channeling pure cosmic energy to deliver massive groovy tunes.
The explosive album opener “Mutation/Transformation” focuses on riff worship to build intense rhythmic dynamics enriched by a wild guitar solo while the slower moments inevitably evoke trippy desert rock vibes.
The super catchy track “Dust For Blood” expresses uplifting feelings and immediately stands out for the magnetic power of the unstoppable fuzzy guitar riffs well supported by a monolithic rhythmic backbone.
The somber soul of “Andromeda” emerges through enthralling melodic textures and psychedelic accents while the fiery combo of colossal drums and sludgy riffage unleashes inflamed heavy rhythmic patterns.
Within the hazy atmospheric ensemble “Missing 13” reaches a palpable dramatic depth as guitars meticulously craft an overdose of hypnotizing melodic motifs enhanced by a softer vocal delivery yet the mighty rhythmic section can still generate robust grooves fueled by crunchy riffs.
It’s been a while but with the release of “Drifting In The Endless Void” Dozer properly demonstrate a distinctive creative approach that naturally leads to a perfect blend of moody melodies and crushing grooves.

Acid King – Beyond Vision

Stoner doom metal trailblazers Acid King make a glorious comeback with the monumental trip-inducing soundscapes of the first release in eight years entitled “Beyond Vision”.
An enigmatic atmospheric intro naturally leads to the colossal rhythmic patterns of “One Light Second Away” fueled by extra gritty guitar riffs and enriched by slow burning melodic phrases.
“Mind’s Eye” continues to follow a hallucinatory pathway as recurring vibrant melodic accents and hypnotizing vocals flourish within a solid doom oriented rhythmic ensemble.
On “Electro Magnetic” the detailed synths layers acquire darker dystopian tones that constantly make you space out while the heavy weight of guitars inevitably generates memorable power dirges channeling a timeless doom force.
The title track fully manifests the band’s trippy musical formula driven by a cosmic energy to create a compelling blend of hazy melodies and monolithic rhythmic dynamics emphasizing the skillful guitar work.
“Beyond Vision” symbolizes the journey of life as Acid King begin a new era confidently building a lysergic sonic realm filled with mighty stoner doom grooves and spacey atmospheric textures.

Howling Giant – The Space Between Worlds

Psych-stoner metal band Howling Giant invites you to travel the infinite metaphysical world on the concept album “The Space Between Worlds” which also happens to be the first full length release. 

“Comet Rider” goes straight to the point with energetic rhythmic dynamics meant to build a cohesive groovy momentum in proper stoner fashion with loads of chunky guitar riffs yet the band is able to create some widely accessible melodies. 

“The River Guide” might sound more somber following a desert rock inspiration that leads to a major spaced out atmospheric moment where everything slows down drastically to emphasize the warm guitar tonalities and the dreamy vibes. 

Right from the beginning “Everlight” promises to be a trippy sonic experience as the psychedelic elements contribute to the creation of dazed atmospheres entwined with the enthralling melodic guitar work and the consequent nostalgic feelings. 

“The Orb” follows a similar pathway and cosmic energy so the slow burning guitar melodies are destined to constantly grab your attention with lovely melancholic nuances that definitely enrich the monumental heavier psych-stoner rhythmic core. 

“Stone Giant” makes you feel stoned in the middle of nowhere as guitars craft an overdose of groovy riffs and fancy leads supported by a monolithic rhythmic section in the midst of hazy atmospheres that reach the acme during the intense spacey breakdown while vocals tend to amplify the inner melodic nature. 

Certainly all the sci-fi themes at the center of “The Space Between Worlds” will attract a specific audience but let’s not forget that Howling Giant consistently delivers entertaining stoner grooves and compelling melodies.