Memoriam – Rise To Power

Founded by former Bolt Thrower singer Karl Willetts and Benediction bassist Frank Healy, Memoriam have been unstoppable and the latest release “Rise To Power” is bound to solidify their musical identity within the extreme metal scene.
Throughout “Never Forget, Never Again (6 Million Dead)” the doom elements remain fundamental evidently amplifying the sorrowful lyrical themes through the crestfallen guitar tonalities while the hostile rhythmic section delivers intense grooves.
“I Am The Enemy” definitely stands out for the enthralling guitar work that effortlessly creates a deeply gloomy melodic flow emphasized by the slower rhythmic patterns but the gritty riffage naturally leads to faster and more aggressive dynamics.
“All Is Lost” doesn’t waste any time focusing on the colossal drums and the visceral riffs to consistently channel old school death metal influences but also you can appreciate the tasteful guitar harmonies.
The title track is another solid effort as once again the band skillfully combines charismatic guitar melodies and venomous rhythmic blasts further enhanced by the guttural growls.
Besides the massive guitar driven grooves “This Pain” manifests a strong doom inspiration featuring slower pensive passages where forlorn arpeggios flow gently through an eerie atmospheric ensemble.
Undoubtedly on “Rise To Power” Memoriam craft some memorable songs demonstrating the ability to seamlessly blend the heavy weight of doom and the brutality of classic death metal.

Memoriam – To The End

Back in 2016 British death metallers Memoriam began a triumphant sonic endeavor that today proves to be simply unstoppable with the release of the fourth full length “To The End”.
“Onwards Into Battle” immediately puts the spotlight on the darkened tonalities of the alluring melodic guitar progressions which will gradually evolve into an inflamed groovy ensemble fueled by fierce riffage and monolithic drumming.
In the beginning “No Effect” conveys dramatic depth with sorrowful guitar phrases that will maintain a forlorn mood throughout the song but the excellent rhythmic section will have the chance to channel the ominous force of classic death metal.
The dark world of “Each Step (One Closer To The Grave)” is bound to highlight the band’s lugubrious doom influences as the captivating guitar melodies and the monumental riffs flourish within a dramatically slower rhythmic maze.
The title track enhances an anthemic death metal rampage with an overload of thunderous drums and vicious riffage accompanied by fiery growls while the inner doom essence naturally generates sombre melodic passages.
The gloomy grandeur of “As My Heart Grows Cold” leads to desolate atmospheric soundscapes amplified by the gorgeous melancholic guitar harmonies while the robust rhythmic section can easily create blazing grooves.
Just like the previous albums “To The End” proudly celebrates the glorious days of old school death metal yet Memoriam skillfully enrich such aggressive sonic realm with mournful doom elements and exquisite melodic accents.

Voodoo Gods – The Divinity Of Blood

Featuring vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, guitar virtuoso Viktor Smolski, bass titan Jean Baudin, drummer Alex Voodoo and guitar god Jacek Hiro, death metal supergroup Voodoo Gods is ready to unleash the inflamed sophomore album “The Divinity Of Blood” characterized by a striking technical approach and solid thrash/death metal roots. 

“Isa” goes straight to an aggressive assault that emphasizes the extreme metal dynamics with abrasive guitar riffs and cavernous growls while the fiery guitar leads are always ready to showcase prowess and sonic diversity. 

“Rise Of The Antichrist” tends to channel the classic vibes of thrash metal building monumental grooves as the tight rhythmic blasts demand increasing speed and amplify the essential role of the wicked bass lines.  

There is a mournful mood on “From Necromancy to Paraphilia” as guitars focus also on darkened melodic progressions besides the generous dosage of belligerent riffs while the elaborate acoustic phrases add delightful exotic nuances followed by extensive virtuoso style solo. 

The complex composition of “The Divinity Of Blood – From Darkness To Light” leads to sharp malevolent rhythmic patterns yet the slower tempo variations highlight a dramatic depth enhanced by the mysterious aura of the guitar phrases.  

“The Ritual Of Thorn” relies on colossal guitar driven grooves courtesy of the monolithic rhythmic section and the killer riffage that will successfully induce constant headbanging yet there is space for some fascinating somber melodic progressions and impeccable shredding. 

“The Absolute Necessity To Kill” offers loads of thrilling guitar leads that continue to showcase a superb musicianship and enrich the main savage rhythmic onslaught with intense shredding and stylish neoclassical variations. 

The strength of “The Divinity Of Blood” certainly comes from the talent of the musicians involved in Voodoo Gods so you can expect all kinds of massive hostile grooves and charismatic guitar work.