Weeping Silence interview

We had the opprtunity to interview with Sean Pollacco, bass player from the Maltese Band Weeping Silence.

-Hey Sean, how are you doing?
Hey Cristina, all’s well on my end. Thank you for this interview. Hello to the readers of The Offering Webzine too.
-Weeping silence is a gothic doom metal band formed in 1998, would you mind to introduce the band and give us some biographical hints?
Sure. The band was formed around 1998. Two members from that line-up are still around: Mario Ellul and Angelo Zammit. Now, with nearly twenty years on our back, we’ve seen several line-up changes. I entered the band in 2000. Diane and Dario, our vocalists, entered the folds in 2013.
-Your music is defined as gothic-doom but where Weeping Silence has its musical roots?
Seven people means that we have a lot of roots to refer to … but I’d say that the broader Doom Metal and Gothic Metal scenes is where we come from. So, bands like early/mid Therion, Draconian, My Dying Bride, and early Within Temptation is where we got our inspiration. By time, I think it’s fair to say we evolved to do our own thing, which although not very innovative, has something distinctly Weeping Silence.

Sean live

-You 4th album ‘Opus IV Oblivion’ has been released last October by Massacre Records, can you tell more about its genesis and lyrics? And what are the main differences compared to the previews ones?
‘Opus IV Oblivion’ is our most accomplished work to-date. It is where we see Weeping Silence at its most mature stage of song-writing and lyric-writing. The album is definitely heavier and doomier than any of our previous three releases. The death-doom parts are stronger, aided also by our new tuning on drop-A. We use the male vocals more than before and also introduced several spoken parts. Then our slower sections take on the doom elements without fear. In previous releases I think we approached these with caution. On ‘Opus IV Oblivion’ we went for them with more conviction.
-Talking about the cover of  ‘Opus IV Oblivion` , I read it’s inspired by the tomb art at the St John’s Co-Cathedral of Malta, why did you choose this element?
The works of art at St John’s Co-cathedral are some of the best in the world of that period. The funerary art there is a masterpiece, in my opinion. When we discussed the lyrical concept of the album, most of which I wrote myself, we saw a real connection between what we had and what exists at the co-cathedral. People with a keen eye for graphical/pictorial and lyrical connections will see how the music speaks of embodied death, very much like the front cover artwork. The concept of life, time, afterlife, and hope are characteristic of the ‘Opus IV Oblivion’ theme, and this goes so well with what we did with the artwork. Jan of Darkgrove did a great job of transforming what we had in mind into the final product.


-You are confirmed for some summer festivals like Metal over Malta, Gothoom Open Air Fest and Metaldays; Do you plan also to do a tour around Europe and why not in U.S.?
We just played Metal over Malta Festival, which we host. It was a blast to be honest. We really draw a lot of positive vibe from our festival. In summer we’ll play Metaldays and Gothoom Open Air, and we’re excited about them. It will be our first time in Slovakia, so that will be great also. We first left our small island for the first shows overseas in 2010 – six years ago. We played three shows in the UK, and even though we had a good time, we were disappointed with the attendance. Time teaches you many things, and we worked a lot on promotion, management and our stage show since then. Going out of Malta was a big step for us, and since then we’ve played several countries in Europe already. Next is doing shows outside Europe. I don’t think it’s impossible and I will look back someday to see that we did that too. So, we’re working on it.

-You are from Malta, actually I don’t know other bands from there, how is the metal scene in Malta?
Malta has a vibrant metal scene. We have just over 420k people living on this small island, and last week there were over 400 people who attended Metal over Malta Festival. So, I’d say we have a great metalhead to population ratio haha. There are a few local festivals happening every year, and the Malta Doom Metal Festival which like Metal over Malta Festival is an international event. Among other cool bands doing things outside Malta I can mention Beheaded, Victims of Creation and Forsaken. There are more, however.

-What’s on plan for the future?
We’re working on a management deal and on playing many more festivals. We’re also working on our live show. These things are happening right now. So, we should be announcing more live dates soon.
-We have done with this interview, thank you so much for your time! Would you like to say something to ours readers?
Many thanks for this interview Cristina, which I enjoyed and hope the readers did too. You can follow Weeping Silence on fb, website (and our webstore), and Spotify. Post a fb message if you’ll be seeing us at any of our upcoming shows – we always like to hear from you guys/gals. Lastly, thanks for the support!! Be safe and take care!!



Weeping Silence-Opus IV Oblivion

Weeping Silence is a gothic doom metal band from Malta, their fourth album “Opus IV Oblivion” has been released last October via Massacre Records, recorded and mixed by David Depasquale at Spine Splitter Studio and mastered by Andy Horn at The Red Room Studio.
The enchanting voice of Diane introduce the first track, “Oblivion – Darkness In My Heart Anno XV”, the sound is amazing and the contrast with the growl voice of Dario makes it unique.
I can define “Ivy Thorns Upon The Barrow” catchy even keeping the symphonic-doom line. The emotional song ” Transcending Destiny” goes straight to the soul and the guitar solo is impeccable. The album fades out with the dramatic and theatrical “Gothic Epitaph”.
Listening to “Opus IV Oblivion” is a continuous shiver, the amazing clean singing and growls complement each other and fit perfectly on the instrumental section.
We have also to mention the album artwork by Jan Yrlund, inspired by and based on the tomb art at the St. John’s Cathedral in Malta.
Weeping Silence is a brilliant band and with this full-length they demonstrate to be high in the symphonic-doom scene.