Weeping Silence-Opus IV Oblivion

Weeping Silence is a gothic doom metal band from Malta, their fourth album “Opus IV Oblivion” has been released last October via Massacre Records, recorded and mixed by David Depasquale at Spine Splitter Studio and mastered by Andy Horn at The Red Room Studio.
The enchanting voice of Diane introduce the first track, “Oblivion – Darkness In My Heart Anno XV”, the sound is amazing and the contrast with the growl voice of Dario makes it unique.
I can define “Ivy Thorns Upon The Barrow” catchy even keeping the symphonic-doom line. The emotional song ” Transcending Destiny” goes straight to the soul and the guitar solo is impeccable. The album fades out with the dramatic and theatrical “Gothic Epitaph”.
Listening to “Opus IV Oblivion” is a continuous shiver, the amazing clean singing and growls complement each other and fit perfectly on the instrumental section.
We have also to mention the album artwork by Jan Yrlund, inspired by and based on the tomb art at the St. John’s Cathedral in Malta.
Weeping Silence is a brilliant band and with this full-length they demonstrate to be high in the symphonic-doom scene.


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