Sicarius – God Of The Dead Roots

American black metal quintet Sicarius are ready to unleash a venomous sonic onslaught on the sophomore release “God Of The Dead Roots”. 

There is no escape as soon as the initial diabolical atmosphere of “BIA” gives way to belligerent heavy guitar riffs following a vicious fast rhythm confidently channeling the brutal elements of old school black metal.  

“Immortal Plight” continues to generate hellish blackened grooves with solid riffage and fierce drumming but somehow the lead guitar work manages to bring a glimpse of hope with a series of cold melodic phrases. 

Evoking strong occult vibes “Nekromanteia” focuses mainly on slower arcane guitar progressions surrounded by a dense esoteric atmosphere so lead guitars also have the opportunity to craft some mournful melodies. 

The title track features demonic growls and intensely obscure rhythmic patterns diligently built by super fast drumming and crushing guitar riffs that successfully maintain an uncompromising black metal ensemble that eventually evolves into a calmer mysterious momentum. 

“Scythe Bearers” delivers another relentless dosage of unrestrained blackened blasts that seem simply unstoppable yet there are some brief slower and absolutely cryptic moments. 

The asphyxiating sonic realm that Sicarius create on “God Of The Dead Roots” is certainly not for the faint of heart as the band keeps on delivering merciless blackened grooves that might make you feel shattered and desperate. 

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