Lucifer – Lucifer III

After a series of successful tours Lucifer settled back in the studio to craft the dark magic embodied by the third release “Lucifer III” and continue to proudly carry the torch for timeless vintage rock. 

The guitar riffs on “Ghosts” successfully generate memorable grooves with a delightful gritty sound and while the atmosphere feels quite dark due also to the addition of gothic tinged keyboards Johanna’s vocals evoke a comforting melancholy. 

“Leather Demon” features a slower nostalgic approach focusing on darkly soothing arpeggios energized by the raw distortion of the lead guitar work and accompanied by sultry vocals which feel particularly captivating during the super catchy chorus. 

The eponymous track “Lucifer” picks up speed with guitars taking the center stage to craft alluring melodic phrases and deliciously darkened catchy riffs that lead to a series of addictive grooves around Johanna’s passionate vocal delivery. 

“Coffin Fever” showcases enticing doom nuances that naturally embrace the sorrowful guitar tonalities evolving into a thrilling combo of feverish licks and galloping riffs while eventually a seductive darkness will take over with understated obscure atmospheric vibes. 

The haunting grand finale arrives with “Cemetery Eyes” which often focuses on gorgeous dreamy guitar melodies that emphasize the profound sense of melancholia fully expressed by the soulful vocals yet the rhythmic section still manages to deliver exciting classic rock dynamics that reach the acme with the stylish guitar soloing. 

Listening to “Lucifer III” we witness the third coming of Lucifer as they really worked hard to create a wicked collection of catchy rock songs spiced up by horror themes and enchanting vocals that are bound to put a spell on you. 


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