Irist – Order Of The Mind

As the modern metal scene continues to flourish worldwide, emerging band Irist aims to impress the audience with the groovy debut full length “Order Of The Mind”. 

“Eons” begins with an overdose of belligerent rhythmic blasts full of abrasive guitar riffs and harsh growls that definitely express a profound anger yet a dramatic essence is bound to emerge with sophisticated melodic phrases. 

“Burning Sage” can sound quite hostile as the heavy approach is fueled by a precise punishing rhythmic section nevertheless the band confidently adds intriguing technical variations and calmer contemplative guitar melodies. 

“Severed” is another interesting track that revolves around diverse tonalities and styles and the guitar work seems to amplify a progressive approach in order to craft a balanced mixture of aggressive riffage and introspective melodic depth. 

“Dead Prayers” immediately unleashes brutal guitar driven grooves with hints of traditional death metal consequently the rhythmic segments sound absolutely vicious also due to the fast drums marching fiercely through the darkened atmosphere while guitars will eventually add some grim melodic accents. 

The title track has a straightforward approach that focuses on venomous hardcore elements leading to a series of particularly merciless rhythmic patterns that create a chaotic sonic realm further amplified by the enraged vocal delivery. 

With a slower enigmatic mood “Nerve” offers a poignant melodic ensemble that feels quite dominant as the elegantly sorrowful guitar phrases and the resulting gloomy emotions linger even through the heavier monumental rhythmic passages.  

Keeping a solid modern metal approach with various recognizable influences, Irist constantly showcase a refreshing enthusiasm about creating music and “Order Of The Mind” naturally becomes a quite pleasant sonic journey. 

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