Dool – Summerland

Dutch dark rockers Dool continue their inspiring spiritual and musical journey on the sophomore full length “Summerland” which is the result of a beautiful evolution destined to conquer a wider audience. 

“Wolf Moon” has an accessible melodic essence that shines under the moonlight for the darkened guitar tonalities expressing grim emotions constantly emphasized by Ryanne van Dorst’s mesmerizing vocal performance and naturally the chorus becomes highly addictive with the catchy heavier guitar phrases. 

Following a moody rhythmic rampage “God Particle” offers elaborate multilayered guitar harmonies filled with exotic tonalities and a subtle surf rock inspiration yet a spellbinding darkness lingers throughout the fascinating instrumental progressions emphasized by the intense soloing and the opulent vocals featuring backing vocalist Farida Lemouchi of The Devil’s Blood & Molasses. 

The title track acquires shimmering dreamy post-rock nuances with a bewitching guitar work that shifts from slow ethereal passages to intoxicating melodies that make you feel like you’re wandering freely within another dimension and Ryanne’s hypnotic voice becomes your ideal spiritual guide. 

“The Well’s Run Dry” is a memorable track that stands out for the seductive darkened aesthetics carefully crafted by the delightful melodic progressions enriched by passionate guitar leads and audacious rhythmic variations while the ominous spoken words courtesy of Okoi Jones from Bölzer certainly intensify the mysterious flair. 

On “Be Your Sins” a thrilling psychedelic quintessence deeply influences the guitar tones leading to soaring grooves and mystifying melodies that will reach the acme with the fervent chorus while the vibrant psychedelic Hammond organ solo performed by renowned keyboardist Per Wiberg adds an overdose of trippy rock vibes.  

“Dust & Shadow” marks a sublime grand finale as lavish atmospheric arrangements and alluring vocals conjure an otherworldly sonic realm where enchanting guitars evoke sheer melancholia with darkly soothing melodies and enthralling soloing that will ultimately evolve into an unforgettable ravishing rhythmic crescendo.  

If you enjoyed the magical soundscapes of the debut album “Here Now, There Then” you will inevitably fall madly in love with “Summerland” as Dool fully embrace their darkened charismatic identity through stellar songwriting and fascinating introspective motifs. 

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