Abysmal Dawn – Phylogenesis

The rebirth of death metal masters Abysmal Dawn is embodied by the new menacing full length “Phylogenesis” which promises a cohesive blend of technical musicianship and brutal guitar driven grooves.

“Mundane Existence” clearly retains an aggressive old school death metal approach as the absolutely merciless rhythmic section seems unstoppable but the guitar leads manage to add variety with fiery shredding and prowess. 

“The Path Of The Totalitarian” certainly doesn’t slow down in fact the frantic tempo dictates precise drum blasts and abrasive guitar riffs accompanied by cavernous growls while the elaborate tasteful soloing can bring some mournful melodic accents. 

“Hedonistic” begins with sharp progressions that soon evolve into a straightforward series of violent death metal dynamics and the technical features are definitely amplified by the eclectic lead guitar work.  

Throughout “The Lament Configuration” guitars can channel cold tonalities and an enjoyable  subtle melodic temper especially evident during the excellent solo while the savage rhythmic segments still pay homage to a timeless death metal legacy. 

Undoubtedly covering legendary Death’s “Flattening Of Emotions” is a great choice and the whole band is up to the task delivering fierce technical progressions with an authentic death metal approach. 

The guitar work certainly tends to stand out and keep everything more interesting throughout “Phylogenesis” and in the end it’s evident that Abysmal Dawn are beginning a new chapter with the right enthusiasm. 

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