Forming The Void – Reverie

Louisiana based stoner doom metal band Forming The Void embark on a bewitching cosmic trip with the latest album “Reverie” which will make you space out without any hesitation.  

“Sage” goes straight to a delicious fuzzy rhythmic rampage and the guitar tonalities hold a heavy doom soul spiced up by an alluring psychedelic flair while the melodic essence comes to life especially during the hypnotic guitar solo. 

Just like the title suggests “Onward Through The Haze” will take you on a wild ride through a hazy atmospheric maze guided by the moody melancholy of the slow burning guitar melodies that will evolve into monolithic rhythmic segments fueled by the doomy force of the guitar riffs and the charismatic soloing. 

“Manifest” shines for the irresistible beauty of the acoustic phrases that introduce a significantly heavier doom tinged core with mighty guitar riffs and somber vocals yet the striking guitar progressions and the exquisite solos could easily induce hallucinations and continue to evoke a gloomy melodic sentiment. 

The otherworldly soundscapes of “The Ending Cometh” feel like the perfect grand finale as the monumental super fuzzy rhythmic section acquires a magical darkened aura and the emotional nature of the intricate extensive guitar solo is destined to spellbind you. 

“Reverie” feels like a mystical voyage so you are instantly compelled to listen to the whole album in loop and embrace its outpouring cosmic energy as Forming The Void confidently creates an overdose of trippy melodies and explosive grooves. 

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