Brant Bjork – Brant Bjork

Brant Bjork is undoubtedly an icon in the Californian desert rock scene in fact for over twenty years his prolific work as solo artists has been quite influential and for the new self titled album he recorded all of the instruments and focused on a genuine songwriting approach. 

“Jungle In The Sound” relies on a warm soulful rhythm combining striking psychedelic guitar tonalities and stoner rock flavors evoking a natural desert jam formula that doesn’t need extravagant or complicated gimmicks to captivate the listeners. 

On “Jesus Was A Bluesman” the guitar work aptly features some delightful bluesy tones following a hypnotic rhythmic crescendo and crafting a series of vivid catchy leads enriched by the soothing vocal delivery.  

From a lyrical point of view “Cleaning Out The Ashtray” shows honest emotions that certainly influence also the sonic formula revolving around perfect catchy & minimalist rhythmic patterns that allow the stunning guitar work to engage in a passionate jam with bluesy progressions and essential desert rock riffage. 

Listening to “Duke Of Dynamite” we’re still in the middle of the desert getting high and feeling good as the hazy guitar passages flow freely like a daydream and ultimately reach the acme with the amplified psychedelia of the moody soloing. 

On “Stardust & Diamond Eyes” the rhythm acquires a little funky attitude that works like a charm entwined with the main fervent heavy rock guitar riffs while the slower moments rightfully put the spotlight on the soulful vocals and the bewitching melancholic tonalities.  

Releasing the 13th solo album is a great accomplishment for Brant Bjork and it’s quite impressive to see that he’s singing and playing everything as this personal approach definitely renders all these songs more intimate and spontaneous. 

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