Khemmis – Doomed Heavy Metal

Khemmis have quickly become one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed bands in the current metal scene and the new EP “Doomed Heavy Metal” includes a brand new cover, two rare singles and three live recordings from 2018 which give you a taste of their compelling doom inspired manifesto. 

The cover of Dio’s iconic hit “Rainbow In The Dark” is bound to trigger curiosity and the result is actually quite enthralling as Khemmis maintain their own sound with doom laden guitar progressions, charismatic soloing and genuinely passionate vocals but also stay true to the original classic heavy metal style. 

The early 20th-century Appalachian dirge “A Conversation With Death” begins with solemn chorals and constantly channels a darkened mood that deeply influences the monolithic guitar riffs leading to mournful moments as well as some energetic rhythmic blasts.

Keeping a mighty doomed approach “Empty Throne” focuses on the fuzzy magic of the guitar work while the slower tempo certainly highlights the melodic grandeur fueled by the melancholia infused guitar tonalities. 

The rest of the EP features the live versions of the powerful tracks “Bloodletting”, “Three Gates” 

and “The Bereaved” which remind us how much we miss metal shows. 

Even if “Doomed Heavy Metal” is a short EP it does feel like a refreshing listening experience and proves that In this dark world the music composed by Khemmis truly shines bright.  

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