-(16)- & Grime – Doom Sessions Vol.3

Heavy Psych Sounds proudly presents the new split EP “Doom Sessions Vol. 3” featuring L.A. based sludge metallers -(16)- and Italian filth mongers Grime.
On the first track “Tear It Down” -(16)- combine monolithic riffage and insanely groovy rhythmic patterns so you can expect an intense heavy momentum while the slower breakdown acquires a darkened introspective atmosphere.
-(16)- continues to channel their strong sludge roots on “Death On Repeat” which relies on the mighty rhythmic ensemble to deliver fiery guitar riffs and monumental drumming often following a faster tempo amplified by the ravenous vocal delivery.
“Piece Of Flesh” fully manifests Grime’s obscure sonic vision as the asphyxiating rhythmic section embraces a menacing combo of speed and aggression easily emphasized by the twisted growls.
“Sick Of Life” dwells in a world of darkness and destruction as Grime constantly channel the raw energy of death metal to unleash a solid series of fierce guitar driven grooves enhanced by ominous tonalities.
Like the previous chapters “Doom Sessions Vol. 3” marks a truly entertaining sonic experience that this time gives you a chance to check out the diverse music styles of -(16)- and Grime.

Acid Mammoth – Caravan

Greek doom metal band Acid Mammoth will take you on a fuzzed-out trip with the crushing riffs and the vintage flair of the brand new full length “Caravan”.
“Berserker” immediately manifests the album’s harrowing mood as the doom worshipping style comes to life through the heavy rhythmic patterns and the raw energy of the guitar work that can also craft captivating fuzzy melodic leads.
“Psychedelic Wasteland” aptly adds moody psychedelic accents to the lugubrious slow rhythmic ensemble which is obviously fueled by the robust doom riffage and the mighty drumming while the lead guitar amplifies the bewitching vibes with extensive intriguing progressions.
“Black Dust” can make you space out easily with its intense stoner spirit and also properly channels the glory of traditional doom as the alluring obscure tonalities feel quite dominant constantly generating monumental guitar riffs, fuzzy soloing and witchy vibes.
Acid Mammoth confidently follow a doomed sonic pathway on “Caravan” providing an overdose of monolithic guitar driven grooves within a heavy & dark sonic realm.

Sonic Flower – Rides Again

Sonic Flower were formed as a side project of legendary doomsters Church of Misery back in 2001 and the tracks on new album “Rides Again” are unreleased studio material that we can finally enjoy. 

“Super Witch” instantly channels raw energy and an irresistible 70’s heavy rock flair as guitars deliver gritty riffs and charming bluesy leads. 

“Jungle Cruise” aptly adds plenty of cool tribal percussion to the heavy rock formula which spontaneously generates explosive rhythmic patterns spiced up by variegated guitar leads. 

The stoner rock soul of “Captain Frost” leads to another round of entertaining grooves fueled by the tight rhythmic section and the delightful retro vibes of the moody guitar progressions. 

“Quicksand Planet” often focuses on the bluesy tonalities of the intriguing lead guitar work flourishing within the fuzzy rhythmic ensemble featuring some hazy bass lines that make you feel dazed & confused. 

“Rides Again” sounds like a refreshing jam session so you can expect an authentic groovy rock mood and maybe we’ll have a chance to hear more music from Sonic Flower in the near future.

Warlung – Optical Delusions

Texas heavy rockers Warlung skillfully blend horror themes and retro tonalities on the latest offering “Optical Delusions”.

On “Phantasmagoria” the occult rock essence naturally thrives within the atmospheric grandeur reminiscing of classic horror movies while guitars don’t waste any time and deliver the expected dosage of galloping riffs and charismatic leads. 

“Sun Eater” relies on hazy rock nuances keeping a distinct retro flair as the rhythm slows down channeling sheer nostalgia amplified by the mellow vocal delivery and the bittersweet melodic nature of the guitar solos. 

“Order Of The Solar Temple” returns to an inflamed groovy approach as the heavy riffage holds a fundamental role in the creation of robust rhythmic patterns that also bear the influence of classic rock while the occasional melodic moments evoke somber feelings. 

The mood of “Devil’s Game” becomes aptly darker as the excellent guitar work often follows a slower mystifying rhythm that enhances the moody melodic spirit and the particularly passionate vocal performance. 

Throughout “No Man’s Land” guitars are destined to steal the spotlight once again shifting from bold riffs to soothing melodic phrases that clearly channel glorious ‘70s vibes and will reach the acme with the flamboyant energy of the soloing. 

On “Optical Delusions” everything flows naturally without bombastic special effects as Warlung fully embrace a genuine songwriting approach with an authentic psyched attitude that generates an interesting mix of melodies & grooves. 

Conan & Deadsmoke – Doom Sessions Vol.1

Renowned label Heavy Psych Sounds Records has started a new series of split EPs and the first one “Doom Sessions Vol.1” features a reissue of UK’s heavy riff masters Conan’s “Beheaded” and two exclusive tracks from Italian kings of slowness Deadsmoke.

With “Beheaded” Conan simply unleash a monolithic track that could not sound darker as the heavy doom force demands painfully slow guitar riffs, lugubrious atmospheric progressions and tormented vocals that inevitably create a murky sonic realm where all hope is lost. 

The first track by Deadsmoke is “Dethroned Concrete” which immediately channels undiluted darkness and impending doom as the chunky guitar riffs and the desperate screams march confidently through a dense atmospheric ensemble while the rhythmic crescendos successfully channel a fuzzy psychedelic tinged temper ultimately leading to a totally trippy grand finale. 

On “Dead Minds Army” Deadsmoke continues to convey a smoky darkened atmosphere that surrounds the faster monumental rhythmic section fueled by mighty guitar riffs and grave tonalities enriched by a good dosage of enigmatic psychedelic elements. 

As “Doom Sessions Vol.1” demonstrates this new series is a really exciting idea destined to entertain lovers of the genre as both Conan and Deadsmoke deliver their signature heavy sonic manifesto. 

Black Rainbows – Cosmic Ritual Supertrip


Italian legendary stoner rock trio Black Rainbows reaches a new milestone with the eighth full length “Cosmic Ritual Supertrip” and as the title suggests you will feel compelled to join this trippy roller coaster. 

“At Midnight You Cry” already unleashes the cosmic energy of the whole album with steady powerful guitar riffs that keep unrestrained grooves from beginning to end following an explosive stoner rock formula. 

“Radio 666” immediately feels like a ‘70s spacey jam with the perfect dosage of fuzzy guitar driven grooves, moody vocals and a subtle nostalgic flair enhanced by the entertaining hazy soloing. 

It’s time for total fuzz worship as “Hypnotized By The Solenoid” showcases massive psychedelic vibes through compelling melodic guitar progressions that will ultimately acquire addictive groovy tonalities leading to an extensive wild solo. 

“Glittereyzed” begins with captivating psychedelic tinged nuances that make you feel slightly dazed but gradually the excellent rhythmic section will embrace a significantly heavier pathway crafting monumental guitar driven grooves. 

The gritty guitar riffs and the savage drumming of “Sacred Graal” spontaneously generate massive catchy dynamics that can trigger instant stomping & headbanging channeling the magical power of vintage heavy rock. 

“Searching For Satellites Part I & II” holds a darkened soul within the somber tonalities of the spaced out acoustic guitars that will acquire an understated energy flourishing through the surreal psychedelic atmospheric waves.   

“Fire Breather” closes the album with major psychedelic cosmic accents and an inflamed groovy momentum fueled by the memorable guitar solo and the monolithic riffs that showcase also an intriguing doom inspiration. 

Black Rainbows confidently keep a heavy delightful approach throughout “Cosmic Ritual Supertrip” which obviously is all about massive psychedelic stoner grooves ideal for a live show in the middle of the desert. 

Brant Bjork – Brant Bjork

Brant Bjork is undoubtedly an icon in the Californian desert rock scene in fact for over twenty years his prolific work as solo artists has been quite influential and for the new self titled album he recorded all of the instruments and focused on a genuine songwriting approach. 

“Jungle In The Sound” relies on a warm soulful rhythm combining striking psychedelic guitar tonalities and stoner rock flavors evoking a natural desert jam formula that doesn’t need extravagant or complicated gimmicks to captivate the listeners. 

On “Jesus Was A Bluesman” the guitar work aptly features some delightful bluesy tones following a hypnotic rhythmic crescendo and crafting a series of vivid catchy leads enriched by the soothing vocal delivery.  

From a lyrical point of view “Cleaning Out The Ashtray” shows honest emotions that certainly influence also the sonic formula revolving around perfect catchy & minimalist rhythmic patterns that allow the stunning guitar work to engage in a passionate jam with bluesy progressions and essential desert rock riffage. 

Listening to “Duke Of Dynamite” we’re still in the middle of the desert getting high and feeling good as the hazy guitar passages flow freely like a daydream and ultimately reach the acme with the amplified psychedelia of the moody soloing. 

On “Stardust & Diamond Eyes” the rhythm acquires a little funky attitude that works like a charm entwined with the main fervent heavy rock guitar riffs while the slower moments rightfully put the spotlight on the soulful vocals and the bewitching melancholic tonalities.  

Releasing the 13th solo album is a great accomplishment for Brant Bjork and it’s quite impressive to see that he’s singing and playing everything as this personal approach definitely renders all these songs more intimate and spontaneous.