White Void – Anti

Featuring Lars Are Nedland of Borknagar and Solefald, dark rockers White Void manifest an extremely eclectic sonic vision deliberately inspired by diverse subgenres on the debut release “Anti”.
“Do. Not. Sleep.” stands out for the overdose of catchy melodies and the darkened tonalities channeling alluring retro vibes enriched by the intricate keyboards layers and the hard rock style of the guitar solo.
“Where You Go, You’ll Bring Nothing” offers an intriguing blend of moody guitar melodies and groovy rhythmic segments accompanied by the melancholic vocal delivery which feels particularly captivating during the slower passages.
Throughout “All Chains Rust, All Men Die” the vintage flair feels quite strong within the bluesy guitar progressions, the smooth soloing and the multilayered atmospheric keyboards while the rhythmic section is fueled by compelling darkened tonalities.
“The Fucking Violence Of Love” naturally channels multifaceted influences through the enticing blend of groovy rock riffage and the classic nuances of the charismatic guitar leads accompanied by bewitching keyboards arrangements.
The elaborate composition of “The Air Was Thick With Smoke” generates contrasting tonalities as the keyboards hold a dominant role creating magical atmospheric waves and 80s inspired dazzling layers to embellish the rhythmic ensemble while the guitar leads skillfully add sophisticated melodic aesthetics.
Conceptually based on Albert Camus’ Absurdism, “Anti” can effortlessly evoke sultry darkness and memorable hooks as White Void begin an exciting sonic endeavor destined to garner interest within the current rock/metal scene.

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