-(16)- & Grime – Doom Sessions Vol.3

Heavy Psych Sounds proudly presents the new split EP “Doom Sessions Vol. 3” featuring L.A. based sludge metallers -(16)- and Italian filth mongers Grime.
On the first track “Tear It Down” -(16)- combine monolithic riffage and insanely groovy rhythmic patterns so you can expect an intense heavy momentum while the slower breakdown acquires a darkened introspective atmosphere.
-(16)- continues to channel their strong sludge roots on “Death On Repeat” which relies on the mighty rhythmic ensemble to deliver fiery guitar riffs and monumental drumming often following a faster tempo amplified by the ravenous vocal delivery.
“Piece Of Flesh” fully manifests Grime’s obscure sonic vision as the asphyxiating rhythmic section embraces a menacing combo of speed and aggression easily emphasized by the twisted growls.
“Sick Of Life” dwells in a world of darkness and destruction as Grime constantly channel the raw energy of death metal to unleash a solid series of fierce guitar driven grooves enhanced by ominous tonalities.
Like the previous chapters “Doom Sessions Vol. 3” marks a truly entertaining sonic experience that this time gives you a chance to check out the diverse music styles of -(16)- and Grime.

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