Lacrimas Profundere – Antiadore

Lacrimas Profundere has a talent for producing lovely easy tunes that makes you feel lightheaded. Far from being an ingenious masterpiece, “Antiadore” is a straightforward collection of trendy gothic rock/metal, or goth n’roll, songs a la HIM. I always think that in a messy and complicated world there should always be space for those little rock songs that do not require to rack your brains in search for a deeper meaning.

“My Release In Pain” starts with a charming piano melody bringer of that exquisite Nordic melancholy that melts our hearts. The clean sore vocals remind of Ville Valo immediately and probably that’s why we absolutely love them. The main melody and the catchy chorus are just an array of sweet sad notes that deliver some genuine emotions.

“What I’m Not” brings the groovy desperation of romantic failures. There is a mid paced dark rock core sustained all the way through with minimalist polished guitar riffs and extremely somber vocals.

“All For Nothing” is a semi ballad with a recurring pleasant harmony. It’s all about the sadness, the end of love or the lack of a brighter future. Lacrimas Profundere sticks to that musical recipe that can never be wrong, therefore the band keeps it darkr and plays it safe with the usual soft rock guitar riffs.

The title track still holds that romantic melancholy even if the approach is harder and more dynamic in terms of guitar riffing and drumming. The chorus instead is not very satisfying as it sounds quite dull compared the main melody.

On “Abandon” the guitars have a metallic sound that delivers a heavier groove while the keyboards display a vintage music style. The whole atmosphere is still decadently romantic with intense vocals in bohemienne fashion.

“Head Held High” is definitely a pure tribute to Ville Valo’s legacy. This is a mellow somber ballad with dominant atmospheric layers of keyboards, cliché guitar solo and heartbreaking vocals.

On “My Chest” it’s all about tears and agony, so it is definitely an irresistible sad song. Love is cruel and there’s no hope, but those charming groovy riffs flowing so smoothly will make you feel much better. I cannot stop loving Rob Vitacca’s baritone style vocals that here are particularly cold and contagiously unhappy.

There is nothing extremely complicated or astonishingly unique, nevertheless “Antiadore” is one of those sweet guilty pleasures that you are doomed to love even if for a brief moment in life.



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