Fallujah – Dreamless

Fallujah has acquired a lot of appreciation for the signature progressive death metal style and the new album “Dreamless” certainly follows primarily and ambitiously this artistic direction.

“Face Of Death” feels like a triumphant march with borderline dissonant tempo changes but the main guitar melody flows as smooth as possible. The fierce growls might not match the inner atmosphere that holds a dreamlike sonic nature and even when the drums blast faster the melodic theme revolves around polished prog style guitars.

“Abandon” shines for the jazz oriented tempo changes and melodious clean guitar phrases perfectly executed in charming prog fashion. This track has an inspiring atmospheric theme rendered more interesting by the rich embroidery of sonic contrasts featuring angelic female vocals versus raging growls.

“Scar Queen” has a straight technical approach with a cohesive death metal rhythm yet the brutal primitive roots don’t always prevail as the remarkable guitar work brings a taste of dreamy melodies.

The title track represents a strong music declaration with a remarkable attention for details that transpires immediately in the atmospheric and melodic arrangement. The guitar work relies on a sparkly clean sound full of prog style twists and pirouettes easy to love. Yet it’s not all about being relentlessly technical and the daydream mood is quite palpable with the aid of gentle female vocals and surreal keyboards.

“The Prodigal Son” features a harsher rhythm and full blown angry growls but the polished, yet powerful, lead guitar and the ethereal atmosphere smooth the rough death metal edges to create an uplifting vibe.

“Les Silences” showcases a mesmerizing and highly atmospheric soul filled with futuristic elements embedded in a skilled electro arrangement. The band momentarily leaves behind the death metal anger and delivers an ambiance track borderline lounge music style that invites the listeners to take a break and just chill.

Overall, “Dreamless” is a highly enjoyable full length that might lack an overdose of spectacular ideas but successfully portrays Fallujah’s passionate music approach and compelling musicianship.

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