Dark Tranquillity – Atoma

Iconic  Gothenburg pioneers Dark Tranquillity return triumphantly with the brand new full length “Atoma” which features the band’s beloved signature melodic death metal style but also never fails to stay relevant in the overcrowded metal scene. After over two decades of mesmerizing musical compositions Dark Tranquillity demonstrates once again that the creative force is still alive and is ready to push any given musical boundaries without hesitation.

“Encircled” features dramatic eerie keyboards that create a passionate melodic background with a slight gothic feel. Mikael Stanne fiercely unleashes his signature growls while crunchy sharp guitar riffs flow naturally to reach an exquisitely melodic acme.

The title track is an immediate favorite with luminous keyboards that build a genuine melodic core further emphasized by Stanne’s fervent clean vocals. In a darkened atmosphere all instruments work together to shape a refreshing sound that favors the band’s most melodic and catchy approach.

On “Forward Momentum” Stanne’s clean vocals acquire additional emotive vividness that naturally evokes a profoundly intense melancholy.  Even if the main musical theme is exceptionally melodic with the right dose of polished guitar tunes there is still space to build a heavier metallic groove.

You will simply fall love with the darkly addictive chorus on “Faithless By Default”. Martin Brändström delivers once again particularly poignant arrangements that provide an elegantly intricate ensemble of atmospheric harmonies and consistently convey an absolute sense of sadness.

“The Pitiless” rides on a faster tempo with a more aggressive and groovy approach where guitar riffs take the center stage to grow stronger and bolder. While a blackened atmosphere persists throughout the song Niklas Sundin’s melodic guitar solo adds a wave of cold radiance.

“Our Proof Of Life” is deeply filled with harmonious passion genuinely portrayed by a particularly rich and dynamic guitar work while Stanne effortlessly switches from sincere clean vocals to fiery growls in darkened catchy mood.

“Caves And Embers” has a majestic dark groove with dramatic accents featuring a cohesive concoction of addictive guitar riffs and rich leads that cannot be missed. The calmer atmospheric passages delicately convey an introspective melancholia.

With mature musicianship, stellar songwriting and ardent emotional depth Dark Tranquillity has crafted a stunning collection of songs and “Atoma” is a must have that will sincerely conquer your heart and become your faithful companion during dark winter days.


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