Brujeria – Pocho Aztlán

Extreme Mexican metallers Brujeria return triumphantly after 16 years with a bombastic full length release entitled “Pocho Aztlán” which features the band’s signature deathgrind style and renowned musicians such as “El Cynico” Jeff Walker of Carcass and “Hongo Jr” Nick Barker (ex Cradle Of Filth).

The title track kicks off with a heavy guitar driven rhythm that keeps on gaining speed and strength while Brujo’s unique growls deliver some raw anger.

“No Aceptan Imitaciones” is all about an immediate brutal impact as it has a rather chaotic groove with relentless drumming and blistering guitar riffs that would certainly generate a wild moshpit at live shows.

“Angel De La Frontera” might reduce the speed but certainly maintains a fierce rhythmic backbone that ensures a constant groove while a more melodic and slower breakdown channels a solemn atmosphere.

Lyrically “Plata O Plomo” features tales of narco trafficking related to Pablo Escobar. In terms of music style this is another track that relies on furious deathgrind guitar riffing but also some modern borderline industrial elements.

“Bruja-” doesn’t compromise its extreme metal nature even with a slower tempo conveying a somber mood and there’s still a chance to enjoy loads of groovy guitar riffs.

“Culpan la Mujer” offers an intense no frills old school death metal core where all instruments come together to build a brutally fast rhythm enhanced by particularly sharp screams.

Overall “Pocho Aztlán” turns out to be a quite entertaining crazy album focusing on a high impact tight deathgrind music core that would delight any serious headbanger.

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