Crippled Black Phoenix – New Dark Age

Many might be familiar with Crippled Black Phoenix and its visionary music style because of multi-instrumentalist founder Justin Greaves, renowned drummer of Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard.  The latest EP “New Dark Age” includes two original songs and a two parts Pink Floyd cover and is a dark piece of music that effortlessly embraces a wide variety of influences including stoner rock and doom.

“Spider Island” channels a relaxed, yet rich, stoner rock vibe with catchy guitar riffs filled of dense reverb and intergalactic doom accents that could easily cause dizziness in the occasional listener.

The lengthy complex title track never ceases to impress with multichromatic style variations skillfully mixed in a deeply atmospheric soundscape.  Dreamy minimalist vocals are surrounded by bluesy guitar phrases and vintage organ but soon guitars acquire a moody yet spontaneous progressive attitude while a psychedelic enigmatic vibe delivers an immense melancholy.

“New Dark Age” might be just an EP but it holds a particularly tasteful musical strength that is destined to cross any standard boundaries.

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