Soilwork – Death Resonance

Acclaimed Swedish act Soilwork has released a compilation entitled “Death Resonance” which feels like a deserved celebration of the band’s successful career as it includes rarely released songs as well as two brand new ones.

“Helsinki” is a new song that seems to be a good representation of Soilwork’s signature melodic death metal style. The band skillfully and elegantly switches from relentless heavy guitar riffs and enraged screams to the most melodic ensemble of fascinating prog influenced guitar solos and passionate clean vocals.

The title track is the other new song included in this album and it seems to follow the same melo-death theme in terms of songwriting and structure. The melodic aspect is quite emphasized in the captivating guitar work while there is always plenty of space to build an intense groove with blasting drums and faster riffs.

“When Sound Collides” features a dynamic series of crunchy guitar riffs that easily build an energetic groove embellished by a delightfully intense guitar solo impeccably performed in progressive metal fashion.

“Forever Lost In Vain” is another track that summarizes all the classic elements of melodic death metal. Smooth guitar leads deliver polished melodies with prog accents further amplified by crispy clean vocals in contrast with the heavier rhythmic backbone.

“Sweet Demise” has a dominant melodic theme featuring a dreamy breakdown but maintains a good dose of raw death metal attitude in the tight combo of guitar riffs and drumbeats.

“Martyr” is an easy, almost minimalist, track that conveys a dramatic atmosphere where melodic guitar leads take the center stage in a laid back tempo.

“Killed By Ignition” seems to often rely on the strength of crunchy guitar riffs but the main musical core is all about accessible melodies and catchy chorus.

While waiting for a new album “Death Resonance” will certainly become a must have for Soilwork’s devoted fans since it captures so many facets of the band’s music catalog.

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