Attila – CHAOS

American metalcore band Attila returns with a new album entitled “CHAOS” delivering a rough collection of songs that features nu metal elements with loads of synths and rap style vocals all mixed in a rather chaotic structure.

“Ignite” should and could have been a strong opener but the raw guitar riffs just cannot build a necessary catchy groove. Synths and occasional lead guitars provide a faint melody while the vocals randomly evoke death and nu metal style.

“Public Apology” brings together harsh guitar riffs and electro style synths while rapped verses convey anger and frustration but nothing truly stands out.

“Moshpit” features EDM star Ookay so it relies mainly on a modern electro dancey vibe that could attract a young crowd.

“Legend” delivers a more catchy rhythm with evident deathcore accents while the chorus tries hard to produce a radio friendly melodic mood.

“King” features a super polished guitar solo, a more listenable range of crunchy guitar riffs and groovy moshpit friendly chorus but again nothing seems groundbreaking.

“CHAOS” certainly tries to be alternative, edgy and aggressive but the creative force is barely visible and somewhat weak because the mere mixture of angry metal and rap might not be enough to produce a genuinely creative music piece.

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