Esben And The Witch – Older Terrors

English post-rock trio Esben And The Witch return with a dark spellbinding new album entitled “Older Terrors” which features a surreal soundscape filled of genuine emotional vibes and enigmatic sonic elements.

“Sylvan” is filled with delightful minimalist guitar melodies in a rather calm ethereal setting. Rachel Davies delivers emotionally charged vocals that towards the end of the song feel like long forgotten incantations while distorted shoegaze style guitars keep a deeply darkened mood. Subtle creepy sensations of eternal desolation are always evoked by pale harmonies and louder monochromatic guitar riffs.

“Marking The Heart Of A Serpent” delivers a mystical aura with minimalist slow motion sounds where Davies’s charming voice is the only guide towards a faint light. Even when guitars acquire some degree of distorted energy the dominating music theme relies on hypnotic simplistic melodies while the rhythm section gains the spotlight with a trippy nightmarish rock groove.

“The Wolf’s Sun” still has the same minimalist music theme but adds a more dynamic approach with alluring guitar phrases that hold a dark energy. There is a more cohesive catchy guitar driven groove with a less introvert atmosphere that at times can even convey a rather luminous vibe.

Overall, “Older Terrors” is an elegant mature piece of music that often feels like a cathartic musical experience guiding the listeners somewhere in the middle of enchanted woods where anything can happen if you just close your eyes and listen.

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