Pain Of Salvation – In The Passing Light Of Day

Iconic Swedish progressive metal band Pain Of Salvation returns with the long awaited new full length “In The Passing Light Of Day” which, as you will notice at the very first listening, owns a mesmerizing unique strength that makes any comparison to the band’s previous glorious discography rather futile. “In The Passing Light Of Day” feels like a cathartic emotional journey, as its genesis and concept are deeply connected with mastermind Daniel Gildenlöw’s recent illness, and shines for its exceptionally genuine artistic desire to cross any given musical boundaries.

“On A Tuesday” is a complex piece of music that gracefully blends a darker heavy mood and a lighter melodic driven melancholy. Lyrically this song is flooded with pure passion and sincere emotions which are all vividly represented in the heavy guitar driven rhythmic backbone and the gloomy slower melodies embellished by dreamy keyboards arrangements. Throughout the song Gildenlöw proves to be a passionate brave vocalist/musician and Ragnar Zolberg delivers a nostalgically fascinating vocal performance.

“Tongue Of God” begins with highly melancholic piano melodies that effortlessly give way to a groovy ensemble of crunchy guitar riffs and an absolutely addictive chorus. The overall decadent atmosphere evokes feelings of desperation and anger while the catchy rhythmic crescendo is creatively refreshing with modern heavy elements.

It’s easy to fall in love with “Meaningless” as its haunting melancholic moody melodies are absolutely unforgettable. Zolberg and Gildenlöw deliver enchanting kaleidoscopic vocals that properly incarnate a dark inner turmoil further enhanced by vibrant guitar riffs and a chaotic rock groove.

“Reasons” will instantly capture any audience with its irresistible savage syncopated rhythm in impeccable prog fashion. Gildenlöw delivers particularly enraged vocals, amplified by almost dissonant tempo changes and heavy monolithic guitar riffs, but also softer vocal harmonies that convey darkened introvert feelings.

“The Taming Of A Beast” offers another excellent catchy rhythm with loads of frantic dark accents amplified by bold heavy guitar riffing and fervent vocals but also shines for the intense moody struggle portrayed by contrasting calmer fragile melodies and rich orchestrations.

On the lengthy title track elegantly minimalist melodies embody an inevitable dramatic emotional storm that demands the listeners’ attention while Gildenlöw literally pours his heart out with painfully passionate vocals. When guitars acquire ex novo energetic dynamics the overall atmosphere still holds a pure sense of distraught melancholy but a delicate feeling of hopefulness seems to appear in the distance with luminous atmospheric keyboards.

With experimental talented musicianship and darkly poetic impetus “In The Passing Light Of Day” will be remembered as a magnificent comeback that, once again, confirms Pain Of Salvation’s seminal status as one of the most enthralling and unpredictable bands in the metal scene.

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